BF 120
is the ideal bucket for the crushing of disposal material, from civil and industrial demolition, waste material from stone quarry or mines. With its dimensions and its notorious robustness, it can deal with any work-load. The BF120 is for 40-ton excavators and can produce up to 60 tons per hour. It has a jaw width of 47-inches.

Dimensions and Technical Characteristics

Length: 8.05 Feet
Width: 5.41 Feet
Height: 4.80 Feet
Capacity: 1.33 Cubic Yards
Weight: 10,802 lbs
Jaw Size: 47” x  18”
Return Pressure: Min 145 PSI
Max 217 PSI
Oil Flow: Min 58 GPM
Output: Min 3,625 PSI
Max 3,900 PSI




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